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Frequently Asked Questions

General Topics

Questions related to all services we offer.

Residential Service FAQ

Questions related to our services for your home.

Business Service FAQ

Questions related to our business services.

Residential Service FAQ

We can typically install new services within 3 business days of your order if you're within a neighborhood where our services are available.

If your neighborhood doesn't have Tekify services available, be sure to Check Your Address on our website, and fill out the contact form to let us know that you're interested in our service. We use this information when selecting new neighborhoods to bring service to.
Free installation is typically included with all of our 12-month (and longer) agreements for residential internet services. If you're signing up for a month-to-month plan (which is not available in all areas), we may charge an installation fee.

We recommend signing up on a 12-month agreement for services since it comes with free installation and is the most cost-effective way to sign up for long-term services.
Our residential fiber internet services usually experiences latency of less than 5 milliseconds (5ms) across the entire Tekify network.

Our residential wireless internet services usually experience latency of less than 20 milliseconds (20ms) across the entire Tekify network.

These low latency metrics are great for demanding applications including gaming and streaming. Using WiFi within your home adds anywhere from 10 to 50ms of additional latency. For demanding applications, a hardwired ethernet connection between your computer and router is recommended.
We generally do not require you to sign up on a long-term contracts for residential services. A month-to-month plan is typically available, but may or may not be available in your area. However, month-to-month plans may not be eligible to receive free installation.

If you are willing to sign up for a 12-month agreement for services, you will likely be eligible to receive free installation!

Check Your Address to see what plans and options are available to you.
Absolutely! Static IP addresses may be added to your residential internet service at any time. Contact us at support@tekify.com to add additional IP addresses to your account.
Absolutely! When ordering phone service, just let us know that you would like to keep your existing number. We will "port" this number from your old provider to the Tekify network for free. This process usually takes about 7 days to complete, at which time your existing phone number will begin ringing to your new Tekify phone line.