Hosted Business VoIP Phone Service

Switching to VoIP can offer more features and value to any business.

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A Better Way To Connect Your Business

VoIP phone service delivers exceptional features and value to businesses. It is much more cost effective than traditional landline phone services and can be very easy to implement.

Let our staff show you how easy business phones can be. Our Hosted VoIP platform will enable you to easily add and change phones within your organization with minimal effort.

Tekify VoIP lets you easily connect remote locations together seamlessly. Your remote workers will be able to take business phones home and answer calls just as if they were sitting at their desk!

Hosted VoIP Phone Features

Enjoy the latest business phone features on any of your Tekify VoIP phones. Our full set of features and functionality is included with each VoIP Phone provided by Tekify. There are no extra on-site servers or phone boxes to buy - just plug your new VoIP phones into your network and go!

Each VoIP Phone System Includes:

Caller ID 3-Way Calling/Conferencing Call Forwarding Ring Groups Call Hunting Blind/Attended Transfers Call Parking Music-on-Hold Extension-to-Extension Dialing Interactive Voice Menu System/Routing Web-Portal Management Open/Closed/Holiday Announcements 3, 4, or 5-digit Extensions Direct-Dial Phone Numbers Unlimited Calling in the Continental US And more! Ask for a free demo phone!

Receive FREE VoIP Desk Phones with new 2yr and 3yr services ordered by Nov 30, 2020!

Discounted phones are also available on other service terms. Inquire

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