How We Build Fixed-Wireless

See how we deliver high-speed fixed-wireless access to our customers.


We Deliver Fixed-Wireless Broadband

to under-served businesses in Fremont, Hayward, Newark, and Union City.

No need to keep your existing provider!

Our Process

Site Survey
The first step in a fixed-wireless installation is the site survey visit. We will send a technician to the end customer's business to verify that we can provide our fixed-wireless internet service, log any specific installation requirements, and answer any questions the customer may have about the service.
Receive Customer Paperwork
Once the customer has decided to order fixed-wireless service, they fill out and sign the necessary paperwork and return it to Tekify. Once paperwork is complete we will schedule an installation date.
Engineering Process
After receiving an order, we will being the engineering process. During this phase we plan and engineer the wireless link that will connect the end customer to our network.
Building Installation
When the installation day comes, our experienced technician will place our radio unit at the end customer's business and connect the necessary cabling and equipment.
Service Activation
The last step in the process is activating the new service! This process is pretty quick and is typically completed by one of our technicians during the installation process.

Our in-house experts are ready to install your new fixed-wireless internet services!