How We Build Fiber

See what makes Tekify Fiber different from other ISP's


We Build, Own, and Operate Our Own Fiber Network

Our fiber optic network is constructed outside of the
Cable & DSL provider's networks.

No need to keep your existing provider!

Commercial Fiber Install Process

Since we can't build to everyone at once, it's critical that interested customers pre-register their interest for fiber services at their location. We use this to understand the aggregate demand for our fiber services street-by-street.

This is an on-going process.
Street Selection
We analyze the pre-registrations we receive to determine the next street that will receive Tekify Fiber. This ensures that we invest our resources into areas where there is sufficient customer demand for our services.

This is an on-going process.
Obtain Orders and Building Right-of-Entry Agreements
Once we've made the decision to build fiber to a new street, we may contact interested businesses who pre-registered with us to obtain their order for service and a signed Right-of-Entry Agreement. This "ROE" is what authorizes Tekify Fiber to install fiber service from the street up to (and inside) a commercial building.

It's imperative that we receive the necessary authorization to install fiber to your building early in the process. Failure to receive authorization to install from the street to the building may mean we can't provide our services until a future date when our construction crews are available to go back to your street again. Connecting buildings after we initially install on a street is a lengthy process, which is why we try to connect all buildings on the street up-front. During our initial construction process on your street, we will happily install fiber to your building - potentially even before any orders have been placed for service. All we need is to receive a signed ROE form.
Engineering/Permitting Process
Next, we will begin the Engineering and Permitting process. During this phase we make decisions on the technical aspects regarding how we will install our fiber network on each street, generate site-specific work plans, and then have those plans approved by the State and local City government as necessary so as to obtain permission to use the public rights-of-way.

We work with other utility companies and City representatives to identify existing underground utilities so we can safely install our fiber cables without causing any disruptions to other services.
Street Construction
Once the engineering and permitting process has been finalized, we begin the tedious job of constructing our fiber network down each street. As with any construction, this is a time-consuming process. You'll see our crews using large underground drilling machinery to install our fiber network down the street and to each building as we pass by.
Building Installation
Once our fiber cables have been installed from the street into your building's phone room, our technician will complete any interior installation work as necessary to prepare service for you.
Service Activation
The last step in the process is activating your new service! This process is pretty quick and is typically completed by one of our technicians during the installation process.

Our in-house experts will install a new fiber optic network down your street, bringing next-generation services right to your doorstep!