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High download speeds and short-lived promotions are often used as a smokescreen for the shortcomings that larger ISPs have, but are not willing to take the time to address. From unhelpful customer service reps, long wait times and complicated billing to delayed install times and non-responsive support staff, customers of larger ISP's know all too well that dealing with the big players in the internet industry can be a nightmare.

Enter Tekify Broadband! We offer reliable and fast internet speeds appropriate for every office setting. Here, you won't find a frustrating automated phone systems which other carriers are infamous for using. Instead, our customer support, sales, and billing staff can all be reached directly and will always provide top-notch customer service every time.

Additionally, our staff can often dispatch our technicians for SAME DAY installations! No more waiting weeks for a technician to respond to requests for service.

Our proactive circuit monitoring system monitors all of our customer circuits and automatically alerts our support staff to any outages 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year. We're unique in that our engineers will know about outages before our customers do. It's likely that by the time you discover a problem, we are already working on a solution. Our proactive approach provides a level of service unmatched by the big providers. By comparison, by the time a Cable or DSL internet service customer has reached a live customer support representative, the Tekify Broadband customer has a support staff member engineering a solution to their problem, and potentially may have even already resolved the issue.

Why not consider switching to an ISP with one of the best reputations for great customer satisfaction in the industry (see our Yelp page)?

Posted by Brett Woollum

Brett is the Founder & CEO of Tekify Broadband. His experience and passion for excellent broadband service has enabled him to deliver outstanding broadband solutions to hundreds of Bay Area businesses over the years.

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