Residential Fiber Internet

Unleash the power of fiber internet for your home!

Tekify Fiber provides the fastest connection to the Internet by bringing our fiber optic network directly to your home.

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Fairway Park Neighborhood
Hayward, California

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CEO Brett Woollum discussing the Tekify Fiber project & the broadband industry.

Residential Internet Plans

We provide the fastest internet service to homes in the East Bay! We install fiber-optic cables to each home to deliver state-of-the-art reliable fiber internet service to our customers. AT&T and Comcast simply can't beat the speed and reliability of our fiber optic network.

And the best part - we do it all for a fraction of the price that other providers charge for their services!

Fiber 100

Up to 100Mbps Download/Upload

No Taxes & Fees!
FREE installation, FREE modem, no long-term contracts

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Fiber 500

Up to 500Mbps Download/Upload

No Taxes & Fees!
FREE installation, FREE modem, no long-term contracts

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Gigabit Fiber 1,000

Up to 1,000Mbps Download/Upload

No Taxes & Fees!
FREE installation, FREE modem, no long-term contracts

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Price Match

Don't like our other plans?

Show us what you have now and we will match it, plus add 20% more speed and a 10% monthly discount. Get the speed and reliability of fiber, and save on your service! Call us at (510) 266-5800 to order.

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All plans include a fiber optic modem and require you to provide your own router (unless you select an optional add-on router from us).

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Cut Your Cable TV and Save!

Does Tekify Fiber offer cable or any TV packages?

No, market research shows that interest in traditional cable TV service is declining rapidly in favor of newer streaming TV services that allow users to purchase only the chanels they want. We strongly support this, and we strive to offer the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable internet connection which will allow you to stream whatever you want, from wherever you want to get it!

So...if Tekify Fiber does not offer TV service, don't I still need a cable subscription?

No, you can still access TV shows and movies by subscribing to services that deliver content through the internet. Some of these content delivery providers are listed below.

By choosing Tekify Fiber, you are not only supporting your local broadband service provider, you are also able to save yourself money each month! Check out these links to learn how you can view your favorite TV programs through the internet! (Combine multiple premium streaming packages for less than the average cost of a cable subscription!)

Streaming Sites
Netflix $11.99/mo
Hulu $11.99/mo
HBO Now $14.99/mo
Total $38.97/mo
PlayStation Vue
Streaming Broadcast TV
Total $35.00/mo
Sling TV
Streaming Broadcast TV
Total $20.00/mo
Cable TV
140 Channels
$49.99/mo + Taxes/Fees
Contract Required
AT&T U-Verse
200 Channels
$50/mo + Taxes/Fees
Contract Required

Wondering What Makes Us Different?

Imagine a perfect internet service provider - that's us.
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We're LOCAL!

Our office is located in Hayward! We're just a quick phone call or email away.

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We're The Fastest

Since we're building our own fiber optic network to reach each home, we're able to send you up to 1,000 Megabits-per-second. DSL, Satellite, Cellular, and Cable internet can't do that.

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Same Bill, Different Month

You'll receive an honest and predictable bill every month. In almost all cases, our customers will receive the exact same bill every month. No surprise add-on fees, taxes, or price-hikes.

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We Support Net Neutrality

We provide you with a connection, and it's up to you to use it however you want. We won't block or throttle websites, or charge you extra for your privacy.

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No Data Caps or Limits

We don't have data caps. There are no usage limits, no caps, and no fees for using extra capacity. Use as much as you want!

Powerful Performance

Tech Support is a Breeze

When you call us, you'll be talking directly to a person who can actually fix your problem. No off-shore tech support here!

Have Questions? Call us at (510) 266-5800

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